Blue State Red State, Blue State Dead State

Back when he was a conservative (and didn’t just play one on TV) David Brooks specialized in the ecological inference fallacy. He tried to argue that the Democratic party was the elite party, because Democratic “blue” states are wealthier than red states. He wrote as if all people in blue states were upper middle class as he and all the people he knows are.

This is passé. Current conservatives just replace data with prejudice. For example, someone tweeted “Still doesn’t answer why these red states don’t have higher mass shootings and murders.” (picking on a random tweet is called the “nut picking fallacy”). This is hard to answer, since those red states do have higher murder rates.. Some people are sure this must not be true as soft on crime liberalism leads to lots of crime. However, there are tens of thousands of dead people who won’t argue back (being dead).

So I decided to look at maps of murder and church attendence. By Brooksian logic we can conclude that christ

There are two big exceptions — devout but not homicidal Utah and my native, blue, secular, and homicidal Maryland.

Still a pretty impressive state by state correlation of church going and killing no ?