A Clinton Blank Check? Or a Sanders Blank Check?

Long-time Republican strategists and campaign consultants privately acknowledge they are so certain of Hillary Clinton’s victory – and so worried about its impact on Senate races and GOP control of the Senate – that they are already considering a controversial tactic that explicitly acknowledges Donald Trump’s defeat.

The tactic, used by congressional Republicans two decades ago, late in the 1996 campaign, involves running television ads that urge voters to elect a Republican Congress so that Clinton won’t have “a blank check” as president.

When will GOP Senate campaigns throw Trump under the bus?, Stuart Rothenberg, Washington Post, today

The obvious Dem Senate and House candidates’ response would be, I would think:

Here’s what the Sanders congressional wing will propose: …  Clinton will sign most of it.  It’s not Clinton who, by voting for a Dem-controlled Congress, you’ll be giving a blank check.

Which is why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are aggressively campaigning for a Dem Senate and a Dem House.

Enough said.  I would think.  (Well, okay, it would have to be said more subtly than that, since Clinton, after all, will be the presidential nominee.  But that wouldn’t be hard to do.)*

It is, in other words, the specific policy proposals that matter.

*Parenthetical added 6/28 at 8:46 p.m.