Quick Links, 10 May 2016

Kevin Drum discovers what I’ve been telling people for more than a decade.

Brad DeLong admits that the reason economists don’t know jack about economic growth is that their models don’t support it. There’s a reason Mankiw, Romer, and Weil (1992) is the most dangerous short-form piece of immature fiction since Atlas Shrugged.*

(Original source, at the bottom.)

Paul Campos notes how deeply Matt Yglesias is in the tank in attempting to portray Trump as rational.

(full Salon article link)

Credit when due: Brad also noted that Robert’s recent AB post about being off the ZLB [now with link!] contains a bit of magical thinking. Robert’s response is well worth noting, as is ex-AB member PGL’s parry. Someone invite these guys to do a BloggingHeads.

*This is the long-form one.