Trying to Make Progress on Redefining ‘Progressive.’ And ‘Establishment.’

A progressive is someone who makes progress. That’s what I intend to do.

— Hillary Clinton, during last night’s debate.

Clinton also thinks a “conservative” is someone who conserves. Which, she says, also is what she intends to do.

First, though, she intends to redefine the entire Oxford English Dictionary.  Progressive, and presumably then, conservative don’t describe ideology.  Ronald Reagan and the Koch brothers were and are extremely progressive.  So are the five Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices.  And loooads of state legislators and governors.  At least since 2010.

Also, being a member of the political and economic establishment is entirely based on gender.  Literally.  Entirely.  No exceptions. You cannot, by definition of the word “establishment,” be an establishment figure unless you are a male.  This is not the result of gender discrimination; it is the result of the definition of the word “establishment.”

At least if you’re playing Oxford English Dictionary editor and you confuse women with Pavlov’s dogs.

Anyway, it looks like there will be more Dem debates now.  So don’t invest in a new copy of a dictionary until all of them are over.  In fact, I think you should wait until after the Democratic Convention.  Why throw good money after bad?  You’ve already wasted money on the edition you have right now.