‘Both of us share the goal of this and that. But only one of us will try to score the goal.’

This is not about math — this is about people’s lives, and we should level with the American people.  Every progressive economist who has analyzed that say the numbers don’t add up. And we should level with the American people about what we can do to get quality affordable health care.

— Hillary Clinton, at tonight’s debate

Yes.  Leveling would be good.

Repeatedly tonight, Clinton said, as she has in earlier debates, that both she and Sanders share this goal, or that goal.  She shares the goal of universal healthcare coverage, for example.  She just doesn’t want there to actually be universal healthcare coverage, because that would increase the size of government.

She estimated that the government would grow 40 percent under Sanders’ proposed policies. Policy goals which she shares.  Just not the percent.

She’s leveling with the American people, though.  She does think universal healthcare coverage is a nice goal, although not one that she has any plans at all to accomplish.  Because this is about people’s lives.  Just not the people who are uninsured.  And not the people who are among the 90% who she incessantly says have healthcare insurance, but who struggle to pay the premiums and live in fear of actually needing healthcare and having to pay several thousands of dollars in medical bills before the coverage kicks in—a fact she is blind to.

Universal financial access to college is another of Sanders’ goals that she shares.  She absolutely leveled with the American people that she shares that goal.  As a goal.  Just not one she plans to score.

Good thing she’s just running for president.  Rather than, say, playing professional hockey or soccer.  Or football.  Some game in which players have to try to score.  The game she’s playing isn’t one of them.

She’s leveled with the American people about what, in her opinion, we can do to get quality affordable health care: Nothing further.  And that is what tomorrow’s headlines should say.