Senator, You’re No John Kennedy. You’re Just Clumsily Appropriating a Campaign Line of His.*

Marco Rubio spoke today to a large group of Iowa Republican activists and urged them to “turn the page on outdated leaders of both parties“. They agreed to do that, and started chanting “Feel the Bern.”

Returning to 1920s economic and social policies—which, point by point by point, actually is what he wants to do—is indated leadership, according to Rubio.  Or else he thinks that policies don’t matter; only the age of the candidate does.

I’m guessing it’s the latter. Rubio is 44 and probably would support a 43-year-old Communist Workers Party candidate if one were to run, and step down himself as a candidate.


*CLARIFICATION: I want to make clear that the JFK campaign line I’m referring to was not from Kennedy’s presidential campaign.  I was from his 1946 campaign for Congress.  The actual slogan was: “A new generation offers a leader.”  Kennedy, 29 years old at the time of the general election, based his campaign largely upon his experience as captain of his PT boat that was hit by a torpedo, and his rescue of (I believe) two injured crew members although he himself was injured.

Obviously, given the types of things Rubio used his position as leader of the Florida House of Representatives for, he needed to alter Kennedy’s line somewhat.

Added 11/2 at 12:02 p.m.