Target Obama: Cantor and Boehner Collateral Damage

I don’t know what to say here. Me I am on the other side of the same movement, in the US I am “feeling the Bern” as a Sanders guy and as an observer on the UK side chanting “Jez We Can!” for Jeremy Corbyn. That is I am totally down for a Renaissance of the New Deal and Old Labour. But I never expected that the post-Reagan consensus that come what may we have to massage the feelings of Wall Street bankers would come unstuck. By an all out assault from the Right.

The Center is on siege. At least as the Center is defined in Beltway terms. Populism is on the Move. Which isn’t always a good thing. Because Populism as it manifested from 1898 to 1932 and was pushed back by Imperialism/Fascism unleashed all too much.

Hyperbole? Yeah I do that. Hook for an Open Thread? I do that too. Take it from here.