Can the World Find $14 a day to feed Syrian Refugees ?

While the world is focused on the Syrian refugee crisis (now that the refugees have arrived in Europe) aid to refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and, especially, Jordan has been cut.

The cash-strapped World Food Programme has had to drop one-third of Syrian refugees from its food voucher program in Middle Eastern host countries this year, including 229,000 in Jordan who stopped receiving food aid in September, a spokeswoman said.

This is crazy. It would cost Europeans much less to feed refugees in Jordan than to host them in Germany. The moral obligation is equal for the USA even if few refugees are crossing the Atlantic. I really don’t understand what is going on.

Partly I don’t understand the UN at all — why is this financed by the World Food Program not the High Commission for Refugees project ? Why did I find an alarming article dated December 2014 making the same warning of an imminent interruption of the food voucher program ?

I assume the UN collectively is declaring a crisis of this program right now, because it is the best way to scare up contributions. I also don’t care much. No matter what the UN PR strategy might be, the world’s response to the refugee crisis is unreasonable and emergency funding for the WFP vouchers makes sense.