Thought Cartoon: an Exercise in Free Speech for Pam Geller

Picture (literally) this: The Wailing Wall seen from a distance that would represent base to height. With as normal observant Jews at that base praying and inserting prayers into cracks in the wall. At the height a depiction of the Prophet mounted on his horse immediately prior to his Ascent to Heaven (traditionally from the Dome of the Rock). Further with that horse depicted as raising his tail and defecating off the top of Temple Mount onto the prayerful below. Ya think that THIS cartoon of Mohammed would earn a $10,000 top prize from Pam’s contest in Garland Texas? After all it would still be blashemous in Muslim terms and most likely as cartoonish as any other contestant. But somehow I suspect that “First Amendment Absolutist” Pam Geller would be no more amused than was Rudy Giuliani when faced with the (in)famous “Piss Christ” installation back in the day.

Or let us take this a different direction. Back in the day Pam Geller was a prominent right leaning war-blogger who ran a blog called Atlas Shrugs. Which blog often featured pictures of the blog-mistress incidentally(?) dressed in ways that showed off her rather admirable figure. Which led certain irreverant and perhaps obnoxious lefties to refer to her site as Atlas Jugs. Which was to be sure by any standard misogynistic. But certainly protected by the same Free Speech principles that Pam claims to be motivated by today.

I just wonder whether Pam would defend our theoretical Mohammed Horse cartoon or those very real Atlas Juggs references today? If not why not?