Clinton-Becerra 2016

I am not going to say nobody ever thought of this pairing, but a quick trip around the Google-sphere got me a paucity of results. So I am going to stake my claim here.

Why Becerra? (Or for some Becerra who?)

Chicano. California. Ambitious. Young. CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus). The guy ticks off so many boxes that it is ridiculous. Particularly the CPC piece. Clinton needs the support of the Warren Wing of the Democratic Party. And once you go down that list you just don’t find many leaders who can step up AND provide the needed electoral balance. Love me some Raul Grijalva (CPC co-chair). But he is not even going to deliver Arizona. Also admire Keith Ellison (CPC co-chair). But in the immediate wake of Obama the possibility of actual installing a person who is actually a Muslim as well as being black from a State that Hillary would win hands-down anyway (Minnesota) is not happening. And you can go down the list of CPC’ers and not find anyone who is enough opposite to Hillary to make for balance.

My second prediction would be Martin O’Malley. But face it, the guy is not about to whip up excitement in places where you need the votes. Of course I am not only probably wrong, I am almost certainly wrong, and for reasons AB readers will be happy to point out in Comments all of an idiot, a loon, and a fecklessly idiotic loon.

Okay. But you heard it here first. (Unless you are WAY deep in the fever swamps of the polit-Toobz)