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From: ASPCA Today at 10:41 AM

To: me

We’re so close to our goal.
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Dear Beverly,Earlier this week we sent an email about a last-minute tax deduction, and the response we received was more than we ever could have hoped for: Thousands of animal-lovers all around the country donated to help abused, abandoned and neglected animals.

Because the email was so successful, we wanted to make sure you saw it, too. We are now just 741 donors away from meeting our 2014 goal. We are so, so close, and hope you can help.
If you help us meet our goal by midnight tonight, not only will you receive that last-minute tax deduction—you’ll make a lasting impact on animals in need and help us start the New Year off right. With your help, we can save more lives than ever before in 2015. Please make a gift today.

Sent: Monday, December 29
To: Animal-Lover
Subject: Hurry! It’s Not Too Late!
Receive a Last-Minute Tax Break
It’s Not Too Late to Make a
Difference in 2014!
While this year is racing to a close, it’s not too late to make a difference for animals in 2014. If you make a gift to the ASPCA today, you’ll receive a last-minute tax deduction. Your gift will help us provide critical attention to homeless and neglected animals nationwide.
We can’t thank you enough for helping us save lives.
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Other major national and international organizations’ websites are: Humane Society International; World Animal Protection (formerly WSPCA); PAWS; and Rescue Me.

Yes, it’s very late for this.  Still ….

Happy New Year, all.


ADDENDUM: Please also see this. 12/31 at 4:35 p.m.