Not quite EVERY national indicator, Ms. Grimes

“He thinks that another six years on top of the 30 he’s already had constitutes change, well we don’t buy that,” Grimes said. “He thinks that we can’t live without his seniority, well has he seen that we’re at the bottom of every national indicator that’s out there? Henderson, are ya’ll better off after having Mitch McConnell for the last 30 years?”

“No!” roared the crowd of more than 150.

Kentucky Democrat Tears Up on Campaign Trail, Jay Newton-Small,, reporting yesterday from Henderson, Ky

Actually, there’s one important national indicator that Kentucky is no longer at the bottom of: the percentage of residents who have no healthcare insurance. That’s because of Kynect and the Medicaid expansion, under the ACA.  Y’know, under Obamacare. Paid for 100% by the federal government.