Bill Clinton thinks corps will put people first, profits second…all on their own.

So, Bill baby thinks the corps are going to see the light and return to the good old days of having a social conscience.  Heck, they will even see the light regarding their role as a member of society in the US.   And, here is the best part.  This is all going to happen without the government!

“I think the government can have incentives that will encourage it, but I think by and large it will happen, if it does, because of proof that markets work better that way,” Clinton said…

Right out of the Milton et al, Republican, conservative free market text book.  (Hope you are all reading Beverly’s post.)

He quantified it with:  “This corporate change, Clinton said, will be one of the most important keys to building a better future.”   Well he sure has that correct.  It is important as a key to building a better future.

Seems many at the meeting were all jumping on the band wagon.  Tony James, Blackstone Group’s president and COO sighted Costco.  Like Costco has been around since 1983 and now the other corps are going to follow its business model?  Yeah right!

But, just in case you still don’t get this concept of the Wall Street Democrat consider:

“Whether it is or not, companies … have a short-term perspective. A lot of these companies feel duty-bound to pay the lowest taxes they can pay. America has to face the fact that we have not reformed our corporate tax laws,” Clinton said.

So a lot of these executives — even if they want to bring the money home — think, ‘This is crazy. I can borrow the money in America … and better that I borrow the money at 2% than repatriate it at 20%, or 10%, or 5%, or 6%, or whatever it is.’ We need to reform the tax system,” Clinton said.

Granted, he could not be talking about simply lowering the rate, but actually making the rate mean something.  I doubt it.  After all, you can borrow in the US at 2% and no pay taxes.  Do you really believe he’s talking about fixing this arbitrage game?

I still say Obama putting Jason Furman on his payroll back in his first run for president was the exchange for Hillary and Bill and the DLC keeping the money policy in this nation and him getting to be president.

Beware people, the money saw the Climate Change march and a few other signs and now are gearing up their pre-emption strategy to get the masses to back off with words from the prophet Bill that corps are going to change…all on their own.  I’m not going with hope on this one.