Chris Christie proves himself to be a genius!

The problem we have in this country is not income inequality. It’s opportunity inequality.

— Chris Christie, today

And since there’s no causal relationship whatsoever between income inequality and opportunity inequality, this is sure to be a winning political message in 2016.

Christie made the comment “at a ‘fiscal summit’ hosted by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which was created to increase public awareness of the dangers of budget deficits and rising national debt,” according to an Associated Press report about it. Also, from the report:

Christie also said that if Republicans retake the Senate it could lead to a more productive Washington during President Barack Obama’s final two years in office. Obama could make progress on trade negotiating authority, for example.

Yes! That’s the ticket to equality of opportunity!

The article also reported that “he’ll announce a plan next week on what to do about New Jersey’s unexpected $800 million budget shortfall. Tax increases are off the table.”  Presumably, the plan is being drafted by Peter Peterson himself.

Okay, so Christie will run for the presidency on a platform of fiscal austerity, a denial of a relationship between income inequality and opportunity inequality, and international drug-patent and movie-copyright protections. And on his mastery of government budgeting.

Go for it, Chris!