Top 10 Cultural References on the web

1. Big brother is watching you and noticed that you scratched your head wondering why there was not “pop” between “10” and “Cultural. ”

2. I am shoked shoced that listing is going on here.

3. Spock with a beard noticed too and his left eyebrow is ironically raised.

4. these are not the cultural references you were looking for (this comes after 2 because of a Jedi mind meld).

5. This list is new, however, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

6. I’m stuck Grrrrr I with enough determination I can make the Green Latern show me more references.

7. I wonder if the President is a N-Clang.

8. This list just went down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass to a mad tea party.

9. If I only had a brain I could think of a 9th item.

10. I don’t think this number means what you think it means


11. This list goes up to 11.