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LOL….  ah well, I hadn’t read the comment section of Kenneth Thomas’s and Maggie Mahar’s posts  before I put up the Popular Science post.     Lifted from comments.
September 25, 2013 12:00 am

Anything is more affordable especially when someone picks up the tab..

I sorry Ms Mahar, but you are a dolt for the administration…

Bruce Webb
September 25, 2013 12:54 am

Yes Hans that is exactly how upper middle class people afford health insurance – someone else picks up the tab. And the person/company that does pick up that tab actually gets a tax deduction for doing so, meaning that THEIR tab is partially picked up by every taxpayer. In fact the people who are really getting screwed under the current deal are those who make enough to actually pay taxes but whose employers provide them sub-standard plans with high deductibles even as executives routinely get what are known as ‘Gold Plated Plans’.

Now perhaps you can deliver a reasoned and data filled argument as to why tax incentives for giving health insurance to Taco Bell corporate honchos are appropriate but using what are really the same tax dollars to provide subsidies via the exchanges to Taco Bell line employees is just free-loading on the part of the latter. But until then perhaps you should keep the content free ad homs to yourself.

Because while you might not come off to everyone as doltish, I am sure I am not the only one who finds you coming off as dickish. And not even with enough of a track record here at AB to be given forbearance as “well that is just Hans”. Who are you to be passing judgement here? Do you have some established level of proven authority that I just missed? In other words why should anyone care about your opinion?

If you have a reasoned argument then provide it. If it is well enough done then certain contributers here, including me, might well consider putting it up as a guest post for discussion. But there is not a lot of respect for random drive by shootings.

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