Health Care Thoughts: Obamacare Fail

by  Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care Thoughts: Obamacare Fail

The Obama administration has delayed a key portion of the program, the 50+ regulations for employers on providing insurance and on the quality of insurance provided. So why the delay?

1) The administration could not explain its’ own rules and definitions, especially on seasonal workers

2) The proposed reporting and data collection system was a mess
3) The proposed enforcement system was still in its’ infancy, also see #2
4) The restaurant and retail sector told the administration what this would do to employment and hours
5) The 2014 election is looming already

Complexity is the enemy of smooth implementation.

(Interesting political theory among morning talking heads. The Democratic leaders intended to fix and improve ACA in conference committee, but the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts made that unnecessary, so the unpolished version was passed.)