Coding Fail

I was going to write a post called “Barack Obama Fellates the Shark, then Wonders Why It Bites Off His Lower Half,” but decided instead to go for comedy instead of pointing out that the 2014 midterms are going to make 2010 look like the peak of LibDem activism. is “a place to share and follow research”; think JSTOR without the cachet of the Springer/Pearson/Addison/Blackwell/Wiley Publishing MAFIA, or maybe a low-rent, open-source NAP.  So when friend of this blog and professional Health Economist Michael Halasy signed on and reached out, I figured it only made sense that I would follow his postings as well.  (After all, he might actually write something. But I digress.)

So I clicked the link on the email and got this screen:


I do understand that maybe I don’t have the appropriate cookie on this machine. But look at the listing at the Connect with Facebook link.

Really, guys: I should connect with Facebook because people I know on Facebook–myself, for instance–connect with Facebook.

One has to laugh.  The alternative is to think about Obama’s attempt to destroy my childrens’s lives for No Good Reason.  Which someone else will blog about much more politely than I.