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  • Not very often but it happens to all of us!

  • AnnaLee says:

    Ballad of the Powerpoint Rangers

    (To the tune of “The Green Berets”)

    Requests are made, from day to day,
    Briefings held, and changes made.
    Graphics slides, a must they say,
    and PowerPoint is the only way.

    Computers crash, and printers stall,
    Overloading protocol.
    Network’s down and soldiers cry,
    Briefing’s late so heads will fly.

    Pin PowerPoint Slides upon my chest,
    Full-color slides, they look the best.
    One Hundred Slides were made that day,
    But only 3 were ever displayed.

    A smile came on the General’s face,
    Slides were done and looked just great!
    T’was up all night, worked really late,
    Just to hear, the General state:

    My soldier son, your slides were great,
    Briefing’s done, slides up to date.
    One problem son, the color’s wrong,
    One more chance, or you go home.

    So tell my mom, I’ve done my best.
    Pin PowerPoint Slides on my chest.
    One hundred slides were made that day,
    But only 3 were ever displayed.