Whole Foods, Half-Wit

What a spot-on article Run 75441’s piece, “Healthcare Reform; Socialism or Fascism?” is. And what an informative Comments thread.  (Wow, Cynthia, who knew? I sure didn’t.)

And, folks, don’t miss this takedown of Mackey, called “Dear Whole Foods CEO, This Is What a Fascist Looks Like,” by Thom Hartmann and Sam Sacks, via ReaderSupportedNews.  

But I have my own suggestion to Mackey: Consider expanding your company to other countries. Australia, maybe.  Germany.  Canada.  Sweden. France. Britain.  Norway.  Holland.  Maybe even Israel and Poland, both of them countries whose healthcare system Mitt Romney praised last summer.  

Or maybe Switzerland, where–as another reader commented in the earlier thread, in noting your praise of the Swiss health system, Mr. Mackey–you can see a fascist (or is it a socialist?) system at work, while admiring the beautiful mountainscape and maybe even skiing in it.

And while you’re there, break a leg.