Finally … The Change We’ve Been Waiting For

This was a throw-down-the-gauntlet speech.  

We have ourselves a leader.  

UPDATE: E.J. Dionne equates this speech with FDR’s second inaugural speech and Reagan’s first one, in its importance. I hadn’t thought of Reagan’s–and of course the substance of today’s speech was the mirror image, the opposite, of Reagan’s–and I wasn’t alive for any of FDR’s speeches. But my very first reaction to the speech today was to think that it probably was similar in its essence to FDR’s 1937 inaugural speech. Just an instinct, but apparently I was right.

PS: Also, be sure not to miss Greg Sargent’s specific comparison of the speech to FDR’s second inaugural one.

It’s happening, folks. It’s finally happening. It’s finally our turn.