… But Also Don’t Miss Glenn Greenwald’s Piece Today on Obama’s First-Term Appalling Justice Dept. – UPDATED

The disgusting Lanny Breuer–a Clinton-era big-wig–is heavily featured in Glenn Greenwald’s article.  But of course the weak, ineffectual Eric Holder, and Obama himself, are even greater culprits on this.  

A key reason why Obama’s first term was such a disappointment was that, in the worst ways, it was Bill Clinton’s third term.  Obama basically just reissued Clinton Administration folks, who failed to notice, as did Obama himself, that it was no longer the 1990s and that a whole lot of water had passed under the bridge since then.

Obama badly needs to revamp his Justice Department.  He really does. It’s past time now that he make the Department of Justice a department of justice. The operative word there, of course, being justice.  

Better late than never, please


UPDATE: Wow! I just saw the post below mentioning Yves Smith’s h/t that Lanny Breuer just resigned, unexpectedly–obviously the result of the Frontline exposé aired on Tuesday, which is the main subject of Greenwald’s piece.  

But, good grace.  Why did it take a Frontline exposé, in 2013, to prompt his (presumably) forced resignation?

The good news?  Well, maybe this is really bad news for some key Wall Street folks.  The statute of limitations on a relevant federal criminal statute, (acronym, “RICO”), is 10 years.  

Here’s hoping.