Angry Bear switching to captcha temporarily if need be

Angry Bear comments has been switched to using the blogger word verification system until the spam aimed at us is controlled.  Our counter shows over five thousand spams eliminated since Nov. 8th.  We have avoided using the CAPTCHA filter because spam was at a relative nuisance level, but this period of time has seen a denial of service sort of bombardment.  When it is sorted out or on our new wordpress platform I hope to return us to open comments.  The convenience to readers is worth the effort.

Thanks to Bears (Bruce and me especially, but shoutout if I missed you…it is not as if we signed off on each one) for keeping the boards clear.

Update:  I will try ‘registered users comment only’ first, so have switched off captacha, which I abhor after one use.  Any other suggestions?  Blogger support is not really available.

Update 2:  I believe the robos have been tamed.  Back to business for us all.