So this IS how Romney’s miracle Caymans IRA metastasized! And we also know now how he plans to help the 47% take responsibility for their lives: Nu Skin samples!

Okay, all.  Remember all the speculation last summer about how Romney managed to parlay an IRA in a Cayman Islands bank into an account worth between $20 million and $101 million? 

Much of the speculation concerned whether Romney stacked the account with Bain shares and significantly undervalued them as worth less than the maximum yearly deposits.  There was speculation that he also might have done the same with privately-held shares in companies that Bain owned.  I don’t remember whether Staples was specifically mentioned in the speculation back then.  But it sure appears now that it should have been.  And should be, now.

And when the Romney campaign starts whining that raising this issue now is an attempt to change the subject from Obama’s record, Obama and the PAC supporting him should respond by suggesting that we start talking about certain aspects of Romney’s record—such as the aspect of Romney’s record that New York Times columnist Joe Nocera writes about in his column today. In short, Romney suggested that the 47% of Americans who don’t take responsibility for their own lives do so by using … Nu Skin!

Seriously.  He did!  Nu Skin is “about taking control of your life and managing your own destiny,” he said.

Well, anyway, no one can say any longer that Romney has no actual plan for helping the 47% take responsibility for their lives.  Too bad he’ll never be able to convince them to vote for him.  They just don’t know what they’d be missing, if only he were elected: Nu Skin samples!