Mainstream and Semi-Mainstream Allegations Against Sitting Presidents

by Mike Kimel

Mainstream and Semi-Mainstream Allegations Against Sitting Presidents

I think back to each of the Presidents who was in office since Reagan,
under whom I was old enough to start paying attention. And I was
thinking of the allegations that were made against each by their
political enemies. I’m going to ignore the real fringe stuff, stuff
you might hear only from, say, the Neo-Nazis on one side or those who
call themselves communists on the other. Call this a list of things
regularly believed by tens of millions of people, regularly stated by
individuals commanding an audience of tens of millions of people, or
regularly stated by political press that commands respect by members
of one of the two political parties.

Its four AM and I am working from memory, so maybe I’m missing
something but here’s the basic worst allegations list:

Allegations against Reagan: October surprise, senile,
prone to making up stories, appointed corrupt officials, support for
dictators in Latin America, illegal wars in Central America, selling
arms to Iran

Allegations against George HW Bush: Involved in Iran
Contra, involved in war crimes while head of the CIA, Zapata Oil was a
CIA front, ties to Noriega while head of the CIA

Allegations against Bill Clinton: a drug dealer,
personally shot several individuals in the Mena airport, ordered the
execution of many of his cronies (Vince Foster et. al.), black
helicopters and UN bases bases on US soil, appointed corrupt
officials, taking away everyone’s guns, multiple affairs and several
rapes, sold military secrets to China, will cancel the elections in
the year 2000

Allegations against George Bush: Used National Guard to
avoid service in Vietnam, used his father’s influence to avoid
National Guard duties, close ties to the Saudi Royal family, did not
really win the election in 2000, ties to Ken Lay, hired known
criminals into his cabinet, knew that Iraq did not have WMDs, will
cancel elections in the year 2008

We’re in the middle of a contentious election, and too close to things
right now for me to list allegations against Obama, so I’ll end my
short list right there. Feel free to expand it in comments, but
please avoid fringe allegations. And one more thing – I think its
worth asking: what do you notice about this list?