Health Care Thoughts: Hospital Job Cuts and Job Gains

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care Thoughts: Hospital Job Cuts and Job Gains

I have been spending a great deal of time lately communicating with health care experts far above my modest standing, mostly on publishing projects and seminar scheduling for next year.

One hot topic among the wired in folks is hospital layoffs, not usually large per hospital but a steady drip drip since 2009.

The buzz I am getting is the next two or three years will see a net job loss of about 400,000 as Medicare and Medicaid cuts, combined with incentives to reduce stays and re-admissions, chip away at hospital budgets. Most of the cuts will be from clinical and maintenance areas.

Notice the “net,” hospitals will be doing some hiring during the job cuts. The hospitals will be hiring IT geeks, finance and accounting geeks, nurse managers, case managers and executives.

Some of this is fallout from the economy, but much of it will be changes necessitated by PPACA, especially for those organizations moving into accountable care organizations.

More accountants, fewer nurses. Beware of unintended consequences.

(Dan here…I have some comments and questions in comments hopefully tonight)