How can You be so Obtuse

Adventures in cyberspace. My 15 year old daughter Kathy has to buy a TI-84 calculator for school.     So she was on   We have recently semi moved and I didn’t exactly know the address    where I am typing.   I asked her if she knew our zip code.  She said, “How can you be so obtuse? Go on the web.”

I didn’t indignantly reply that I am lazy not obtuse.  So the race was on — google codice postale (no need to go to google googling is the chrome default).  OK on the site.  What’s the problem.  Just type 1 word “volta” yes got it.

R: Hah Kathy the zip code is …”
K: 00153

A googling dead heat.

Right at this moment my daughter Kathy is surpassing me in google fu.

Reminds me of when her older sister Marina was 18 months old and surpassed me in speaking Italian.