27% definitely crazy 11% definitely sane

I am aware of the internet tradition called the 27% Crazification Factor which is undead and well

But can we get a solid lower bound on the sane (OK really well informed) factor ?  For example, there was the February 2010  New York Times CBS News poll in which 12% of respondents correctly noted that Obama and the Democrats had (at the time) decreased taxes for most Americans

Now we have a DailyKos SEIU PPP poll in which a grand total of 11% of respondents report that they paid no Federal Income tax on 2011 income.

OK more than 53% of people paid positive income tax (it’s 47% of tax paying units without positive liability and they are more than proportionally single member families students and widows and a smaller number of widowers).  So in addition to the roughly (but less than) 36% who are just wrong there are somewhat more than 53% who correctly answered “yes” and might *might* have answered correctly even if the correct answer had been no.

OK OK this is a poll of likely voters so  47 percenter impoverished. But still 11 % !!!*

But that’s not the fun part.  The fun part is that Romney does better among the small subset of 47 percenters who actually know they are 47 percenters than he does among those who think they paid income taxes.

Wow look at that.  Behind 3% among self identified members of the group he calls deadbeats and behind 5% among self identified tax payers.

*I, by the way, am a 47% because of the foreign earned income exclusion although I pay huge amounts of Italian income tax by US standards (but almost all of my income comes from Italian taxpayers so I can’t complain).