Health Care Thoughts: Assaults on Nurses – Celebrity Edition

Health Care Thoughts: Assaults on Nurses – Celebrity Edition
by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt
(updated author to clarify)

Assaults on nurses are a growing problem, with emergency department nurses in the most danger, followed closely by nurses caring for the mentally ill, substance abusers and elderly patients with dementia problems.

It takes a Kennedy though to assault maternity department nurses.

Since a spate of newborn kidnapping some years ago maternity wards are lockdown wards, often with electronic tracking bracelets on the newborns. No one, not even the mother, can move the newborn out of the ward without permission. Nurses are disciplined or fired for breaches of the rules.
In January Douglas Kennedy, 10th child of Robert F. Kennedy, tried to remove his newborn child from a lockdown ward without proper clearance Kennedy later claimed he was taking the newborn outside for some fresh air (a newborn? in January? in New York?). (See here and here)

A confrontation ensued and Kennedy has now been indicted for assaulting two female nurses.
The most shocking part of this story? Kennedy is a reporter for a Fox News affiliate.
Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt