It’s Only the Bottom of the Second: Fearful of Losing My Bet with Lance

Greg Sargent, whose Gatekeeper Job at Kaplan Prep Daily makes him somewhat important in determining the results of elections, cast a pale over my good mood about my dinner bet with Lance Mannion this morning:*

Having trouble getting outraged with Romney campaign sending out only good parts of Det[roit] News endorsement. Seems like par for course.

Romney is still dealing with Newton Leroy, the Gold Bug, and the Spreading Guy. Which means the big money on his side is still somewhat diffuse, what with Sheldon Adelson still considering wasting more money Stimulus Spending on The Never-Ending Book Tour and Foster “put an aspirin between your knees; I’ve never heard of doggie-style” Freiss still supporting, and supported by, Beelzebub in a Sweater Vest. Not to mention whoever (other than himself) is spending money to keep Mr. My-Son-Might-Be-the-Vice-Presidential-candidate-and-all-I-got-was-this-racist-newsletter in front of the CNN cameras.

Short version of the above: It’s a long time before the election. If the Supposedly Liberal Gatekeepers are already becoming inured to Romney’s, er, Selective Amnesia—what humans would call “lying”—it’s going to be a Very Long Summer and Fall.

Probably from Grace, voluntarily.

*All right, he sent it out last night. But Twitter is potentially asynchronous, and I only read it this morning. Before then, it was alive in another reality, like that bloody, overused, misinterpreted-as-if-it-were-an-economic-model of a cat.