‘Jazzbumpa’ to write for Angry Bear

Jazzbumpa has been writing about various topics that involve economics for several years now. He maintains several blogs, one of which is Retirement Blues. He is data driven with a sense of humor and will add such to Angry Bear.

Jazzbumpa is retired from a product development career in the auto industry. His education is in chemistry, but he did very little actual chemistry in the real world. The MBA is not worth mentioning. His professional strengths were in trouble-shooting, problem solving and looking askance at management.

So you’re unlikely to get anything from him on IS-LM curves, utility theory, or the hyper-neutrality of money. He also intends to avoid any mention of Social Security and/or FICA. We’ll see how that works out. Ricardian Equivalence and Rational Expectations strike him as the silliest ideas to be believed in by very serious people since chemists gave up on phlogiston. In the early chemists’ defense, though, at that time, they didn’t know any better; and there wasn’t any contrary data.

…With no reason to adhere to any particular brand of economic dogma, he can look at empirical data, and attempt to draw the conclusions that the data actually suggests. He also brings curiosity, skepticism, a smart-ass attitude, and the ability to do simple math.

His main relevant interests are in time-series data of various econ-related phenomena, inquiries into how and why things happened in the ways that they did, and what implications one might expect going forward.

JzB’s publication history includes a chapter in a Materials Handbook and a book review in an obscure and long-defunct science fiction magazine. His non-publication history includes a large stack of rejection letters. His real name was once mentioned on the acknowledgments page of a real novel by a real author.

When not involved in this nonsense, he’s an active (occasionally hyper-active) amateur musician/composer/arranger, occasional poet, loving husband, and devoted fan of 11 smart, beautiful, and talented grandchildren.