Health Care Thoughts: Evidence Based Medicine

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care Thoughts: Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based medicine is one of the center pieces of PPACA (Obamacare) and is generally viewed as THE enlightened way to practice medicine and to direct dollars more effectively. Problem is, there is a “whose ox just got gored” issue.

The American Psychiatric Association is currently revising guidelines for autism spectrum diagnoses, and early research indicates some high cognition youngsters may have their diagnosis dropped or altered. This could result in an alteration or loss of services (caveat: it is very early in the process).

It has been suggested over the past couple of decades the diagnosis was expanded, perhaps past the bounds of science, as parents scrambled and pleaded for help. Parents and educators are concerned. What parent can blame them?
In 2009 new recommendations were published for breast cancer treatment and there was a firestorm of criticism. Breast cancer is an emotional topic (justifiably so).

We tend to associate less treatment with neglect or negligence.

But, if we are to follow evidence based medicine then we have to go with evidence. Right? Many difficult decisions lie ahead. (My own physician has cut back testing at my annual physical based on new guidelines, so I have a personal stake in this.)

PS: New guidelines on bone densiometry (osteoporosis test) are coming soon and will probably indicate less testing for women once a baseline is established.