Big Changes at Capital Gains and Games

I go away for a week and the world collapses. While most of you probably noticed that Russell Brand is available again, the other Major Separation was at Capital Gains and Games, which is now exclusively Stan Collender’s as “principal writer and managing editor.”

It is also rebranded “Stan Collender’s Capital Gains and Games.” (The URL remains unchanged.)

Stan has been driving the posting at CG&G for a while now, and this seems, on balance, a good move for everyone, most especially the readers.

In related news, Andrew Samwick has gone back to being a solo artist.* I suspect there are more details in the CG&G posts over the past week, but I’m still catching up.

*If Samwick is the blogsphere equivalent of Sammy Hagar,** then Vox Baby was “I Can’t Drive 55,” while the new one will be…uh, someone help me out here. He’s already got a Brad DeLong link, which may be a better equivalent than the post-VH solo Hagar did.

**Comments game for Nils Lofgren-solo fans: Who are “the Supreme Court of” Economics Bloggers?