Italy update

The current consensus is that Berlusconi is toast, or, as Krugman would say, Crostini.

It is a bit risky to change horses in mid crisis and change Prime ministers in mid stream, but Berlusconi is a large part of the reason no one trusts Italy. Also everyone is totally sick of him especially his closest allies.

update update: The evidence that Berlusconi is falling is now somewhat stronger. The opposition parties are now discussing who they might support as Prime minister of a government of national unity. Basically the question is whether they will accept a member of Berlusconi’s inner circle so long as he is not Berlusconi or whether they demand Mario Monti. They are suggesting that they will stand firm (yeah sure tell me about it).

La Repubblica is confusing me. The headline and abstract guy suggests that UDC the wimply centrist ex Berlusconi allied party is ruling out a government lead by Berlusconi’s right hand man Gianni Letta “L’Udc (video) chiude a un incarico a Gianni Letta.” That is the UDS is rejects a nomination of Gianni Letta. But the linked article says that the not quite so wimpy center-left main opposition party, the Democratic party PD, insists on someone untainted by Berlusconi (when asked, in effect, do you mean Monti, PD general secretary Bersani noted that the decision about who to ask to try to form a government is made by the President of the Republic, or in plain English yes.

OK now video. The video does not make the advertized veto. It is amusing as it shows the totally spineless center right long term Berlusconi ally P Casini advocating “revolution” but he in the video he doesn’t rule out a revolution lead by Berlusconi’s right hand man Letta. Also the revolution is a revolution in the cause of austerity which is achieved by national unity and by ending intra-Italian conflict.

Huh you ask ? How can a revolution be an alternative to conflict ? The fact is that this abuse of Italian is about average for around here. A “revolution” is “a very big improvement,” not, you know, a revolution. So Casini doesn’t even understand how absurd it is to talk about all parties united in the name of austerity as a revolution. The video does show that Italy’s leading daily isn’t up to angrybearblog editorial standards, but it is funny*. Imagine George Bush talking about the importance of knowledge and expertise.

* Before anyone else mentions it, I admit that they do spell words correctly. My spell checker keeps telling me that I am not typing correctly spelled Italian. I can’t spell, but I usually find some way to get a computer to check my spellling (my computer isn’t working and I am embezzling the services of the computer which the Italian Public bought for Elisabetta’s research).