This is Interesting

As regular readers know, I have been arguing since long before existed that Democrats should campaign on raising taxes on rich people (I was convinced in 1993 or 1994). One of the facts that all savvy people think they know is that people of modest means in the USA reject the proposal to soak the rich. Oddly those savvy people neglected to convince the substantial majority of US adults which has declared support for higher taxes on rich people in every poll on the subject in the past two decades (at least).

I assert that there has been a conspiracy of silence as the villagers and the MSM hide the fact that most US adults support higher taxes on the rich from almost all US adults.

This article by Rosalind S. Helderman is interesting as it shows that something has changed and something has remained the same. The article reports

Obama told residents that Republicans like Hultgren must be willing to raise taxes to reduce the deficit.

A few hours and 90 miles away, Hultgren’s own constituents had picked up the message, repeatedly hectoring the freshman congressman at a town hall meeting to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

The extremely widespread solid majority view that taxes on the rich should be increased has (finally) been reported in the WAshington Post. headline person(s) part MMMMCCXXVI

The headline is interesting too. I have repeatedly criticized the headline person (or persons) for extreme centrist (or frankly Republican) bias.

The article on how a Republican congressman’s constituents gave him two earfuls is entitled “Democrats’ road tour strikes back at GOP’s stand against raising taxes.”

Odd. After the first sentence, the article reports on a Republican’s road tour. The reported news is that this Republicans constituents strike back at GOP’s stand against raising taxes. But somehow Mr or Ms headline person thinks the news is that Democrats disagree with Republicans and want to raise taxes. The headline gives no hint of any recognistion of the fact that not all tax increases are the same and that taxes can be raised on rich people without raising taxes on non rich people (and frankly I guessed the article on the parties and taxes was based on the debate over whether to cut taxes on non rich people as proposed by Obama and blocked (so far) by the Republicans).

Frankly, I think the game is up and that the people with pitchforks are about to storm the fake Trianon village.

The fact that all such predictions have proven wrong in the past doesn’t give me enough pause to prevent me from hitting the post button.