Republicans fed up with Republicans

The latest Washington Post ABC poll has some dramatic results

” Even among Republicans, 58 percent see the GOP as too resistant to a deal, up from 42 percent in March.

In the new poll, fully 50 percent of conservative Republicans and “strong” tea party supporters say the GOP leadership is too unwilling to make a deal on the deficit. “

When they’ve lost the tea partyers they are in trouble.


More than eight in 10 — including 80 percent of Republicans — say there would be serious harm to the U.S. economy if the government could not continue to borrow money to fund its operations and pay its debts after Aug. 2.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, had the question been asked that way, a plurality would say they opposed raising the debt ceiling.

But best of all, 54% of self identified Republicans want to soak the rich, that is rais taxes on incomes over $250,000.

Finally cutting Medicaid is the least popular option for reducing the deficit opposed by 74%. You read that right Medicaid.

Full results can be found with repeated clicking (in the past, the Washington Post didn’t hide them so thoroughly).