And the Wrong Words Make You Listen in this Criminal World

Mark Thoma, who supported (and probably voted for) the man during the primaries, is dumuch more gracious than I am:

A vague promise from Democrats about the future is all but worthless right now, we’ve had too many promises broken already. Obama’s promises in particular mean nothing.

The nicest thing I can do is describe this as BarryO’s “Only Nixon could go to China moment.” But that’s because that slimy cocksucker was willing to sell out two countries—Formosa and Tibet—so he could discuss panda sex with Margaret Trudeau.

Obama’s version is selling out Democrats and Middle-Class and Aspiring Middle-Class Americans. When the best hope is that Stan Collender is right that bending over and sucking off isn’t going to be good enough for House Republicans, it’s time for all you idiots who said no one should run against BarryO “from the left” to do the honorable thing and find your wakizashi and prepare four cups of sake. (I’m certain there will be plenty of kaishkunin volunteers to aid you in Doing the Right Thing.)

Democrats may still run someone against Obama from the left, though Timothy McVeigh is unavailable. But the attempt to destroy their political viability has been executed perfectly. Glad BarryO “plays eleven-dimensional chess” now?