Atlas Shrugs: The musical or other scary variations

by Mike Kimel
Cross posted at the Presimetrics blog.

The inimitable TBogg has a clip from the upcoming movie Atlas Shrugs, Part 1. The book is so long and so interminable that the movie has to be done in three pieces.

The clip has to be seen – words don’t do it justice. And while at TBogg’s there – read the comments readers left behind. Some of them are hilarious. In any case, the clip apparently inspired TBogg to search out more information, and he located an interview with John Aglialoro, the producer of the movie:

6. Have you decided how you’ll tackle John Galt’s epic speech in part three?
Well, I’m looking at a number of different things. Having John Galt give that speech, it might be in a casino environment. It might be that he is at a mountain retreat, rather than being where he is captured, not…that violent scene at the end. But we’re going to take a look. It doesn’t have to copy just that.

No, it absolutely will be a concentrate of entertaining words with a total, philosophic…But, you know, part three could be a musical…like a Les Miserables kind of a musical. That’s part of the impact and I guess I haven’t said this publicly yet, but I’m looking at it completely different if part three is a musical with quality music that’s done in a certain way that people will like. I mean, if you saw the play Les Miserable without the music, and then with the music, you may go in there saying, ‘oh hell, I would never want to see that great book in a musical.’ That’s going to shock a lot of people to see part three be a musical, and part two may be very different from part three and very different from part one. It has to be new, you know…We get a freshness, a vitality about it, and yet it has the same, rock-solid principles and philosophies that we all know and love.

Which apparently provided TBogg with further inspiration – in a later post he tries to write out some music for part 3:

I am the very model of a modern major industrialist
You people call me selfish, but I prefer ‘objectivist”
The looters and the moochers, they try to take what’s mine
To share my genius with others, I’m afraid I must decline

I’m very well acquainted, too, with things that should be taxable
But I will not pay my fair share and on this I am intractable
Push me just a bit too far and I’ll head to Gulch of Galt
Your world will start to fall apart and it will be your fault

Your world will start to fall apart and it will be your fault
He’s packing up his bags and he’s going to Gulch of Galt
You people are annoying and it’s harshing his gestalt

The rest of the song is just as good and worth a trip to TBogg’s place to read in full.