js-kit commenting system

Readers have noticed and commented on the abrupt change in the commenting format last week. Angry Bear’s discounted subscription to echo pro expired and became echo live, which is geared to a social networking format (links to twitter and facebook and other perks).

Echo pro costs $100/month minimum for companies with 1 M pageviews a month.

I contacted the CEO of JS-Kit, Kris Loux, and asked for help since Angry Bear is mostly out of pocket for us all. The ads bring in money to cover expenses now but that is a big hit.

Mr. Loux has graciously waived the fee for echo pro for Angry Bear, so I want to publicly thank him for his kindness, and making our job that much easier. Echo pro allows greater control of the format of comments.

We are also eligible for a ‘free’ upgrade to the new e2 format scheduled to come online later this year. (I am not familiar with the details of this format yet).

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us during an abrupt change and your patience, and thanks to js-kit for their help.