Hot TIPS tips !

Many people are afraid that US inflation is about to accelerate. I think they are totally irrational, but the point is that they can be useful too. Most people in the USA don’t know about Treasury Inflation Protected Securities with payments indexed to the CPI. The inflation chicken littles would be delighted to invest in TIPS if they knew about them.

Some people know about TIPS. Many are economists. One is a wayward philosopher journalist. I expect that some people look at the TIPS rate and manage firms. They certainly should — it should be a key determinant of investment.

The point is that if the people with irrational fear of inflation buy TIPS then they will drive up their price and drive down the return. This should stimulate investment.

I wonder if a campaign to promote TIPS would do more to stimulate investment than the recent Fed Quantitative Easing II policy. I’m sure it can’t hurt and am trying to do my part.

Robert pulls back Rob from comments on more hot hot exiting inflation protected securities
Hey Robert its not just TIPS. There is now the I-series savings bond: