Thoughts on Detroit

by Tom aka Rusty

Economics and Corruption

Detroit and the Detroit metro area are a pathetic, decaying mess. The reasons are many, ranging from the decline of the Big 3 auto companies to rampant corruption.

For almost 40 years corruption has been well known and wide spread. In recent years, the administration of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick made corruption so visible the feds have moved. Monica Conyers, wife of veteran Rep. John Conyers is in prisons for taking bribes while on City Council, as are many others. The Detroit Public Schools are in receivership and numerous former officials are under investigation or indictment.

The Bush and Obama Justice Departments have been indicting and convicting numerous people with ties to the local government, and yesterday dropped the bomb, a massive racketerring indictment of Kilpatrick, his father and several political operatives.

In a city where infrastructure is literally collapsing in front of peoples’ eyes the crooks were using city construction contracts to extort money to selected cronies who then funneled money to Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick is already in jail for perjury for a scandal involving wild sexual escapades, misuse of government funds, misuse of police security officers, and there is an on-going investigation of the murder of a stripper who may have been beaten by the Mayor’s wife when she came home to one of Kwame’s parties in the mayoral mansion (the investigation also focuses on possible official obstruction of the murder investigation).

Corruption is nothing new, but this corruption was on a scale that was astounding, just based on the convictions thus far.

People have been fleeing Detroit due to bad infrastructure, bad schools and rampant crime. The money that could have fixed some of those problems has been misdirected as best and outright stolen at worst.

Why did it take so long to bring justice to Detroit? Could it have been a political correctness issue? Did politicians offer cover for political reasons?

Many, many have suffered, and will continue to suffer.

Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt