Health Care thoughts: Really, Really Bad Idea (?)

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Health Care: Really, Really Bad Idea(?)

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a proposal to liberalize the guidelines for lap band weight loss surgery (much to the delight of the company making lap bans).

Previous guidelines required a very high level of severe obesity OR severe obesity combined with hypertension or diabetes or etc.

New guidelines will likely double the number of persons qualifying for the surgery. (If i had high blood pressure I would qualify, and I’m not that fluffy).


Physicians are supposed to screen such candidates after exercise and diet have failed, or proceed when collateral medical conditions are very serious, this will potentially cause of rush of surgeries by patients who would be better off with fork control and more exercise. Many health providers think so, but aren’t likely to say so loudly in public.

The surgery does have side effects, and every surgery has infections risks.

And there is a significant cost for each surgery. There is no cost in driving past Krispy Creme.