Health Care thoughts: Hysterical Reporting

by Tom aka Rusty

Health Care: Hysterical Reporting

Fox News ran a screaming intro and a scary bottom summary line on a story on some survey of physicians, claiming a majority of physician will quit, retire or work part-time.

Link via Yahoo:

This is further proof that Fox News does not do journalism. The conversation eventually winds around and the expert really contradicts the story headline.

I have been spending a lot of time talking to people at the national level, and the one trend that is certain is the merger/sale of physician groups to hospitals and integrated networks, effectively making the physicians employees of a larger entity. The ownership of a private practice will fade like Marcus Welby MD (some of you may be too young to understand this popular culture reference).

PS: if you leave the link open you will see a story about Miley Cyrus puffing on a bong. Oh the horror.

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