TEA Partiers for Tax Increases (on the rich too)

Robert Waldmann

The gap between public opinion and elite opinions about public opinion never ceases to amaze me. The policy elite seems to have decided that Social Security old age pensions have to be cut. The public is adamantly opposed. It is even more striking that a strong majority supports lifting the payroll tax ceiling (66% favor 27% oppose). This is demonstrated by the latest Lake Partners exit poll of 2010 voters (warning pdf from a secondary source). That’s a poll of voters, not adults or registered voters, but the people who just elected a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

The amazing result is that 59% of self identified Republicans support the tax increase and 60% of self identified Tea Partiers support the tax increase.

There it is, 60% of Tea Partiers support a tax increase. Some of the people whose taxes would go up are not rich, but the taxes of rich people will go up. Tea Partiers support higher taxes and a more progressive tax code so long as they are told that the point is to shore up Social Security.

Full data here (warning 21 page pdf)