First Amendment pronouncement by O’Donnell…

by Beverly Mann
crossposted note from Annarborist

The National Review: Christine O’Donnell Wants the Koran Taught in the Public Schools

“O’Donnell stressed that preventing schools from the possibility of teaching intelligent design would violate the First Amendment clause that Congress could not prohibit ‘the free exercise thereof’ of religion. ‘He [Coons] forgot to quote [that] part,” she said.”

—The National Review, today

So Christine O’Donnell thinks that the Constitution requires that public schools teach religious beliefs and represent those beliefs as science. That, presumably, means that public schools are required to teach, say, the contents of the Koran as fact, too. Unless, of course, she thinks the First Amendment guarantees only Christians the right of free exercise of religion. In which case she forgot to quote that part of the First Amendment.