Part 2 on the 50% of our discretionary budget

The point of the first chart, I believe, is that as our navel power decreases Chinese navel power increases. But that aspect needs to be described carefully as the chart does not explain the differences in navies between the two countries.

The point of the second chart is to demonstrate the conundrum of manpower expenses and the rising costs of technology that outstrip resources…ie getting fewer units for a lot more cost.

Augustine’s law

The third and last piece is to discuss a response to the unexplained comments regarding the equations:

That you are not speaking German = FDR, U.S. military forces, and the U.S. defense industry.

That you are not speaking Japanese = FDR, U.S. military forces, and the U.S. defense industry

The fourth aspect is the losing strategy of our lack of cohesive trade policy in some form of national self-interest, which I believe is at odds with the current views of free trade enthusiasts for little federal intervention and reliance on the good graces of multi-national companies and equilibrium theory of some economists. But that is for another post.