Feasible Stimulus Politics ?

Robert Waldmann

Obama proposes an additional $ 50 billion for infrastructure. He ignored my proposal to mail a $ 500 check to every US family this month. The proposal is better policy than my proposal. If implemented it wouldn’t help Democrats in November, since it would start next year.

My guess is the plan is to have Republicans block the bill, scream about the deficit and insist on extending tax cuts for the rich. I think Rich vs non-rich is much better politics and that the vast majority who don’t know they already got a tax cut in the ARRA (stimulus) would notice a check in the mail.

At least the Obama administration is seeking a fight. Until recently, they were embracing the idea of a payroll tax holiday. This is also fine policy, but it is a Republican proposal.

The article by SHERYL GAY STOLBERG notes that Rahm Emanuel won another battle “The idea for an infrastructure initiative, and in particular an infrastructure bank to leverage public money for private investment, is one that the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been promoting for some time within the West Wing.” He is promoting himself not the President. Just one more reason to fire him.