Federal Government Stupidity – Part 1

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

Federal Government Stupidity – Part 1
Part 1 of an occasional series

The “war on drugs” isn’t working so well.

But fear not, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has a clever plan to stop the flow of illegal drugs.

The DEA is harassing nursing home nurses who take oral narc orders (additions or changes) from physicians before the physician has physically signed the scrip. At midnight on Saturday this is the only way to provide care.

Honest to God.

Nursing homes do not have physicians or pharmacies on site, so care depends on the use of phone calls and signed fax orders to provide timely care, especially nights and weekends.

Every med entering the nursing home is logged and signed for, every med is signed out when administered, and every narc in the inventory is counted and signed for THREE TIMES A DAY!

If every narc in the typical nursing home were stolen and sent to the streets it wouldn’t amount to a tiny fraction of a good dope shipment.

Nursing home surveyors, another branch of the the government, are citing facilities for not providing timely pain relief.