So what IS the story to tell that most of us live??

Lifted from comments.

Before they cut our paid for stuff, I think we need to “Audit the Government”. Not sure if anyone in Congress, Treasury, or Federal Reserve is up to the task.

As far as the annual budget goes, I always see those pie charts where they make SS, Medicare and Medicaid look like really big slices of pie, and everything tiny by comparison.

I think we should make a new pie without SS since it is fully funded from FICA flows, at least at the moment. Then we would get the rest in proper proportion.

Yes, employment is a problem. Don’t see us getting back to bubble levels anytime soon. That caused the surplus to disappear just recently instead of 2016-2017 as projected.

If I can find an economist anywhere, I would like to know why stimulus programs, federal deficits and ZIRP are good for a recessionary economy, but mom & dad or grandma & grandpa spending money is bad? If the fact that the SS trust fund runs out in 2040 is why something needs to be done today, I think employment would still take precedence. Otherwise the kids, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa will all be living in the same house, and we won’t even know for sure which of the three generations has a job.