Matthew S on Obama’s Picks to the Debt Commission

lifted from Bruce’s e-mail

Hi Bruce,

I really enjoyed your recent post to OpenLeft about the war on Social Security. I wrote a related piece deconstructing Obama’s latest picks to the Debt Commission:

Alternet: Obama Packs Debt Commission with Social Security Looters?

Any feedback about the article or thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

I run a watchdog website called that tracks ties between corporate and government elites, with an emphasis on Wall Street. We’re gearing up for a sustained investigation into the networks of funding and influence behind the latest attack on Social Security, and I wanted to just say hello and touch base. It seems that there could be more coordination happening between various folks keeping watch on this.


I have Matthew’s full contact info if serious people want it. But the piece is very good regardless.

(Update: Lifted from comments:
Movie Guy: “Matthew Skomarovsky wrote an excellent piece. It strikes me that it deserved a stronger presentation at Angry Bear. I doubt that many casual drive-by readers bothered to click on the main post sublink. But what a piece”)

Worth saying twice. Click and read.